Guillaume Faye speech video at National Policy Institute

The national policy institute is an american non-profit organization dedicated to the European culture in the United States and around the world. Here is a speech from Guillaume Faye on the 31st of october 2015 in the USA BEFORE the 13th of November Paris attacks.

Guillaume Faye talks about

  • The white european nation across the World
  • Invasion of Europe by false refugees
  • The responsibility of european government
  • Replacement of white european people
  • Islam, Today’s number one religion in France
  • Islamophobia: For European authorities, It is now forbidden to criticize Islam.
  • Ethno-masochism of christian population saying « come to kill us »
  • Ethno-masochism of jewish population saying « come to hate us »
  • The future civil war, a new year 732 battle
  • Xenophilia: Love of the strangers & Hate of your own people
  • Immigrasionism + Abortionism + Homosexualism = Global suicide
  • Resistance or destruction
  • We shall win because we have rationality & emotions
  • You should stop feeling guilty because you are white.